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How to confirm if your iPhone is New Refurbished or Replacement

If you have a plan on buying an iPhone, you might be thinking about buying new or used phone, you ever wonder to check if the iPhone is new, refurbished or Replacement? My opinion I think you should try to know; will help you determine the type of phone you have.

You can check with a very few clicks and within minutes, you will be glad you did. This step is straight forward, grab your phone and follow the following steps;

·         From Home Screen go to “Settings

·         Scroll down to “General

·         Click on “About

·         Look for “Model” there will be a unique identifier in this format “MA764TR/A

You will be wondering how this will help you determine if your phone is New, Refurbished or Replacement? Well the below explain that. First, you remember I wrote above that the Model is unique identifier? Yes, the first “character” or in other word “letter” will let you know which category your phone falls.

  • M New device, you purchase the device brand new.
  • F Refurbished device, the device has been through refurbishing process
  • N Replacement device, the original device was replaced by this model.
  • P Personalized device, the device was customized on purchase.

Now you know how to determine and identify if your device is new, refurbished or replacement. Congratulation you can share with friends and family, so they too can be more familiar with your device.

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