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Database Development

We are committed to making your databases reliable, scalable, maintainable, and secure.

Database Development

As a DFW custom programming and database development organization, Omekasoft works with customers in assembling, medicinal services, transportation, internet business, money related administrations and an assortment of different divisions. For every one of these associations, information is the establishment that bolsters everything from day by day business procedures to income age and commercial center advancement. Our customers require quick, solid, effortlessly viable databases that enable their organizations to develop and flourish. With our long reputation as database design, development, and the executives' specialists, Omekasoft's group offers solutions that streamline work processes and opens the bits of knowledge inside business information.

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Popular Database Consulting Services at Omekasoft

  • Database development
  • Database design
  • Repair and debugging
  • Report automation and forms development
  • Data mining, Analytics, On Line Analytical Processing (OLAP) and BI
  • Assimilation or integration of multiple data sources for stream processing and batch
  • Device assimilation & DB repair
  • Performance optimization
  • DB resizing, Data migration and modernization
  • Data warehouse solution

Get Better Performance From Your Database

The sheer measure of data that the present DBs need to store and oversee is monstrous contrasted with ten years prior. Information isn't simply expanding in volume—it's multiplying in multifaceted nature too. Information streams are achieving organizations from an expansive scope of sources including installed innovation, web based life, providers, distributers, clients, and other outsiders. Accordingly, our customers are requesting incorporation and optimization services in record numbers.

We offer execution enhancement for the two DDS and OLTP databases:

Decision Support System (DDS) databases are planned to store a lot of rich authentic information. These DBs are the focal point of continuous use in detailing, analytical applications, and Business Intelligence. Improving inquiries for quick outcomes is fundamental for ease of use.

Online Transactional Processing (OLTP) DBs are proposed for littler/more straightforward informational indexes that have records included or refreshed always over the span of business. Coordination with different frameworks is a basic key to great execution.

Omekasoft Is Your Trusted Database Development Company

At Omekasoft, we trust it's fundamental to have neighborhood, in-house specialists on our group to help customers with each real database available today. Our group offers profound innovation encounter crosswise over numerous frameworks including:

MS Access and SQL Server (Microsoft relational databases)
MySQL (Java ralational database)

PostGreSQL (object-oriented relationalal database)
Oracle, MongoDB, and other NoSQL database solution

There's nobody database that works for each utilization case, so we guarantee the correct DB arrangement is connected to take care of your business issues. Since we have cross-stage understanding, we can incorporate various databases together for a framework that addresses every one of your issues.