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Frontend app development to enterprise-grade backend transformation and integration to mobile middleware.

Mobility Breakdown

Improve visibility and customer engagement with a cutting-edge mobile app.

enterprise mobility

Enterprise Mobility

We build trendsetting enterprise mobile apps that bring your business processes, data streams and information/communication portals to all devices
Ensuring critical security checks, measures against unauthorised access, data loss and corruption is of paramount importance to us.

consumer mobility

Consumer Mobility

Under consumer mobility, we deliver exceedingly portable apps designed specifically to boost sales and augment brand awareness and engagement.
It helps you amplify consumer satisfaction and loyalty by enabling interaction and involvement in a personalised environment.

mobile prototype

Build a Prototype

We frame functional prototypes, based on our cumulative ADW requirement analysis, to provide you with profound understanding on how the end product will perform.

ui/ux design

Mobile UI/UX Design

Our experts harness the power of modern technologies to deliver native, hybrid or cross-platform frontend solutions with eye-grabbing UIs that allow you to easily develop a new income stream.

Middleware development

Middleware development

We rethink middleware to ease the integration of mobility into your existing environment by providing a consistent framework and a comprehensive set of services for a wide range of apps and data sources.

backend development

Backend development

OmekaSoft analyzes internal software logics and wraps your data and processes into a scalable and secure backend solution that will expand and evolve together with your business and enable the latter to operate more efficiently.

Mobility Services

mobility services

Potential Mobility Cases


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