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  • Welcome To Omekasoft TechBlog

         If you are reading this, “CONGRATULATIONS”. Omekasoft Technology and Its experienced expertise have dedicated this blog platform to educate beginners and intermediate who is seeking knowledge about; 

    • Programming Languages
    • Computer Networking
    • Computer & Network Security
    • IT Support 
    • Human Factors. 
           We will be sharing tips and supportive information from files to videos link to give you the best guide towards your journey of becoming an IT professional. 
     Our team consist of software developers, network specialists, cyber security specialists and IT support technician.

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         Hello there! 

                         When been ask, what is computer programming? how do you respond? If you are familiar with the term programming you will have some ideas running through your mind, but if you have never heard or come across the term computer programming do not panic. 
     In a very basic explanation; 
    • Computer programs are series of commands a programmer writes in a language that a computer system understands, and the computer listen to every command and do all will have command it to do. 
    • We can also say is a list of instructions you write for the computer has to be ex...

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  • How To Confirm If Your IPhone Is New Refurbished Or Replacement

    If you have a plan on buying an iPhone, you might be thinking about buying new or used phone, you ever wonder to check if the iPhone is newrefurbished or Replacement? My opinion I think you should try to know; will help you determine the type of phone you have.

    You can check with a very few clicks and within minutes, you will be glad you did. This step is straight forward, grab your phone and follow the following steps;

    • From Home Screen go to “Settings
    • Scroll down to “General
    • Click on “About
    • Look for “Model” there will be a unique identifier in this format “MA764TR/A

    You will be wonder...

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