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GAME | Happy Draw Glass – 🍸 Draw and Fill Glass 🥂

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GAME | Happy Draw Glass – 🍸 Draw and Fill Glass 🥂

  • Release:2019-06-14
  • For:Owned By Omekasoft


Here is a brand new logical and brain game for you! Accept the challenge to clear all the levels of “Happy Draw Glass – Draw and Fill Glass” and show up your intelligence and smartness. Draw the lines in such a way that tap water only flow to the glass and it fills it to make it smily and happy (glass). You need to make a way out by drawing a line so that in one touch draw it should be accomplished.

Hundreds of the levels with unique glass and problems. The rule is you can touch once on the screen to draw a line. You have limited time to draw the line. Once you pick up your finger, then you can’t draw anymore. So you have to choose wisely what you need to draw and in proper allowed time in that level. The line will be converted into a rigid body and tap water then can flow on it. So you have to draw the lines in such way so that all the water goes into the glass and make your glass the super smile glass happy. Obviously it’s gonna be a time management game as well. You have to meet the ticking clock speed to draw our line. Draw Lines To Fill Up Glass.

Be smart, fast and cool. Never give up, keep on playing all the levels and beat the highest score ever. Share your score and progress with your friends and become more social. Try out new strategies and challenges. Beat the time and be a new tycoon world of your own. It’s a brain game and needs your proper attention and creativity. There may be multiple ways to fill up the glass, you need to choose the best way and most optimized way. Always tend to get 3 star ratings for every level and become an expert of it.

We are always hearing from you for suggestions and improvements. We appreciate your words for us and we give much importance to your words. Spoke out to us for any suggestions and improvements. We will keep on updating the game and will keep on adding the new levels and new worlds. You are welcome to share your ideas with us.

Team Omekasoft